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There is no need to spend money on a listing agent, home value report, inspections, moving the mobile home, or any other expenses.

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No surprises during the selling process. Get the exact amount that is agreed upon. 100% guaranteed.

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Don’t worry about repairs, renovation, or moving your mobile home. Our team will handle this for you.

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Our team provides you with the best offer and you choose if it is right for you.

Sell your mobile home in 3 easy steps

Contact our team

First, contact our team to answer some questions about your mobile home. We will gather all the information we need to start the selling process.

Schedule mobile home evaluation

Based on the information collected from step 1, a free in-person evaluation will be scheduled to look over your mobile home.

Review final offer

Get your no-obligation offer and if accepted, get your cash payment transferred within days.


Frequently asked questions

What is my mobile home worth?

The price of your mobile home varies based on the current market, the type of manufacture home you own, and your location.

Our team will gather as much information as possible over the phone and schedule a free in-person evaluation in order to give you an offer to buy your mobile home.

Can you give me a ballpark price for my mobile home without seeing it?

This is hard, as there are many factors when purchasing mobile homes.

To give you an estimate, we can discuss your mobile home details over the phone and review any pictures you send to us. Based on this information, our team can give you a non-binding offer.

If I do repairs to my mobile home will the value go up?

This depends on what repairs and changes you make to your mobile home. Manufactured homes depreciate with age and some of the repairs might just be an expense that you will not recover when sold.

Will the appliances get me more for my mobile home?

We assume the appliances will be included and stay in the mobile home. If the appliances are removed from the mobile home, you are likely to get a reduction in our offer amount.

How quick can you buy my mobile home?

This will depend on how quickly we can schedule the free in-person evaluation. If you accept the offer and the title is verified, you can have payment transferred within 5-7 days.

Can I sell my manufactured home that has a mortgage?

Yes. It’s possible to sell a mobile home with a mortgage, and you have a few different options for going about selling if your mobile home has a mortgage. You can still sell your mobile home independently, pay off the mortgage, short sell, or sell with a manufactured home buying company like Mobile Home HQ for a hassle-free, quick sell.

Can I sell my double wide house?

Double wide home sales work the same way as mobile and manufactured home sales. Doublewides are under the umbrella of manufactured homes but are a double unit instead of the more common single unit manufactured home.

To sell a double-wide home, homeowners still have the choice of listing it themselves, going through a real estate agent, listing with the sales department of their home community, or contacting Mobile Home HQ for a cash offer. Owners must also consider if the home is attached to the property it is on, and if not, they still need to consider if they would like to sell the property in addition to the home or not.

Will you buy a mobile home that needs to be moved?

Yes. We will purchase mobile homes that need to be moved.

There are occasions when a manufactured homeowner may sell a home that the seller or buyer wants to move.

  • You might own the land separately and want the house moved off of it.
  • You might want to buy a new or different manufactured home and move it to the property.
  • If you or the buyer move the home, you can sell the land on its own.

There are even more situations where you might want to sell a manufactured home that you or the buyer wants to move, but the important part is you can do it. If your manufactured home is appealing enough, it doesn’t need land attached to entice a new prospective buyer. If your home is newer, large, and well maintained, it should be reasonably easy to sell without land.

Another issue with selling a manufactured home that the buyer or seller needs to move is moving costs. If a mobile home meets the characteristics mentioned above, it might be possible for the buyer to pay to move it. However, more often than not, the buyer will want the seller to pay to move the home to its new location.

Mobile Home HQ can help will purchasing, selling, and moving mobile homes.